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Chinese Language

Our Vision

The Chinese Language department aims to develop pupils into confident and competent Chinese Language users who are able to appreciate their own culture and traditional values.
Our objective is to nurture pupils’ interest and passion for the language by creating a fun and interesting learning environment for them
The Chinese Language teachers work hand in hand with parents to ensure that the values and practices learnt by the pupils in school are re-enforced by parents at home.

Key Programmes

  • School Based Reading Programme
  • Upper Primary Oral Skills Training Camp
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • Twinning Programme with Beihang

Reading Programme

The Chinese Language teachers work together to select books suitable for each level of pupil.  For instance, pictorial books are used for Primary 1 and 2 pupils.  Activities and worksheets are designed based on these reading materials with the aim to engage pupils and to motivate them to read widely.

The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Cultivate pupils’ love for reading
  • Improve pupils’ comprehension skills
  • Cultivate appreciation for Chinese Literature
  • Encourage parents to read with their children

Upper Primary Oral Skills Training Camp

To better prepare our P4 to P6 pupils in the oral component of the examinations, our department has rolled out an oral skills training camp which aims to build pupils' confidence in the reading aloud, picture discussion and conversation segments.

Mother Tongue Fortnight
The MTL Fortnight is an initiative started by MOE since 2011 to provide opportunities for all schools in Singapore to engage students in the learning and use of their mother tongue languages outside the context of their daily academic lessons. A wide range of activities are organized & all pupils are involved in different activities designed for them. 

Beihang_Photoshot1.jpg Twinning Programme with Beihang School (Incoming & Outgoing)

Our school has established a Twinning Programme with the Beijing Beihang Elementary School since 2007. It aims at providing our P5 pupils with the opportunity to learn the language from its country of origin and experience its culture at the same time.
The team of pupils and teachers from Beijing also visit our school annually. They get to experience Singapore’s way of life by interacting with their buddies from P5.


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