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Description of CCA

CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity Choir comprises of pupils from Primary 2 to Primary 6. Pupils learn and perform a wide genre of songs through singing, appreciate world culture music and perform creatively through their musical expression. In choir, our pupils also build up their confidence by performing to the audiences.

Our choir is given various performing opportunities throughout the year, like performing for the teachers during Teacher's Day and P1-P5 Prize Presentation Ceremony. Inter-schools Choral Exchange programmes are arranged for the Choir to learn from the other schools.

Pupils will be involved in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation once every two years. Our committed members received positive recognition for their efforts and have certainly grown as they gained exposure through such performances.


Mrs Emily Chew
Mrs Cindy Oh

Schedule / Venue

CCA Day/s

3.30pm - 5.30pm

Music Room 2


May have additional practice sessions during SYF competition period.

Snapshots of CCA



SYF - Accomplishment

SYF - Distinction

Combined CHIJ Concert - Te Deum

The choir girls participated in a combined CHIJ concert known as Te Deum on 2 August 2014. They have demonstrated resilience and perseverance during rehearsals particularly on the actual day of performance. Despite clocking a total of 12 hours to rehearse and perform for the matinee and gala concert, the girls continued to maintain their positive and bubbly disposition throughout that day. The skills of resilience and perseverance instilled have endowed the girls with a positive attitude to take on future challenges, which are the manifestation of our school’s vision ‘Girls of Today, for Tomorrow’. 

Recording for Anastasia the Musical (2013)
Performed in Anastasia the Musical (2013)
Achieved a Silver award for SYF (2012)