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Digital Art Club

Description of CCA

Digital Art Club aims to encourage pupils to be creative in designing and conceptualising their ideas digitally. The two main softwares used are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. To further enhance their ideas, the pupils go on Learning Journeys to Art museums and exhibitions. We also provide platforms for pupils to expose their artistic talent and ideas by participating in various Art competitions.

Through the process of preparing their masterpieces, our pupils develop resilience, build character, cultivate a will to succeed and learn to appreciate and sometimes work with fellow peers from different backgrounds to achieve shared goals.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” –Edgar Degas


Mdm Nur Safikha
Mdm Ilyana
Ms Wendy Wong

Schedule / Venue

CCA Day/s

3.30pm - 5.30pm

Computer Lab 3

Programme Highlights

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Snapshots of CCA



SYF 2017

SYF Art Exhibition

SYF 2015


The SYF Art Exhibition provides opportunities for our students to showcase their artistic talents and to promote art appreciation in our schools. This year’s exhibition features 489 artworks by 3160 students from 190 primary schools, full schools (primary section) and SPED schools. The onsite exhibition which was held from 10 to 19 July at Raffles City Shopping Centre showcased 177 select artworks. Out of the three works that was submitted by the Art Clubs, 2 artworks – ‘Tropical Treats’ (Primary 2) and ‘Since 1965’ (Primary 4) were selected for the onsite exhibition. Our students presented their art and their experiences confidently at the exhibition. They were articulate and thoughtful in sharing their ideas and art-making processes to all visitors who came by to view the artwork. ‘Since 1965’ is also one of the 43 specially selected works that will be showcased at the extended site exhibition at the Academy of Singapore Teachers.