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Parents Support Group


  • To create opportunities for parents to support their children’s learning.
  • To promote and strengthen school-home collaboration.
  • To help build a conducive and enriching learning environment for our pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to network.
  • To gain more understanding and support the school in events and activities.

Roles of Executive Committee

  • To strengthen working relationship between school and parents.
  • To assist the school in the organization and coordination of school events and activities.
  • To organise activities/workshops for parents.
  • To enlist the help of more parents to render their services to the school.

PSG EXCO Committee (2017-2018)

Chairman- Mr Jeremy Ang
Vice-Chairman- Mr Kader Mohideen
Secretary/Liaison - Recess- Ms Mandy Chan
Treasurer- Ms Adeline Yew
Liaison - School Events- Ms Alina Ang
Liaison - School Events (Dance)- Ms Jasmine Chang
Liaison - Social Events-  Ms Ya Min Kyaw
Liaison - Recess- Ms Malar Ratanam
Liaison - Recycling- Mrs Gowthami
Liaison - Recycling- Mrs Jamilah Kader
Liaison - Catholic Activities- Ms Tania Heng
Liaison - Gate/Traffic- Ms Lynn Tan
  Ms Magdalene Chia
Member - Mrs Rekha Vivek