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Brass Band

Description of CCA

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Our Brass Band was set up in 2006 with about 20 members. Since then, our band has tripled in size and has performed in various events. The disciplined routines that our band members go through allow them to learn the values of discipline, teamwork, responsibility and commitment. Ensemble playing is more than the sum of its individual parts. Playing in an ensemble allows our students to develop team skills. Whether members are involved in the melody or harmony part of a music piece, they learn to listen and communicate with each other to create music as a team.  They also learn specialized musical skills such as sight reading skills, musical literacy and aesthetic appreciation. Opportunities are also provided to develop and grow student leaders to build their leadership skills, interpersonal skills and management skills.

Till date, the Brass Band has participated and performed in various events:
  • Masterclasses with renowned Japanese / Taiwanese conductor
  • Musical exchanges with other bands
  • Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging / Arts Presentation
  • School performances
  • Overseas Band Exchange (Taiwan) 2012
  • Music in the City - Bands by the Bay (Outdoor performance @ MarinaBay) 2010


Mrs Gan Pei Ying
Mrs Emily Chew
Mdm Safikha
Ms Wendy Wong
Ms Rachel Siow

Programme Highlights

OLN Brass Band will be involved in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation once every two years. Before SYF Arts Presentation, members will have masterclasses with renowned conductor(s) to improve their skills, techniques and ensemble playing.

Apart from participating in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, OLN Brass Band will also have opportunities to perform in school events, musical exchanges with other school bands and events organized by external organizations yearly.


SYF 2018 Arts Presentation - Accomplishment

SYF 2016 Arts Presentation - Accomplishment

SYF 2014 Arts Presentation - Distinction

SYF Central Judging 2012 - Silver Award

SYF Central Judging 2010 - Bronze Award

SYF Central Judging 2008 - Silver Award

Snapshots of CCA