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Dance Inc. - Malay Dance

Description of CCA

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CHIJ OLN ML Dance Club comprises of an exuberant and exciting group of students with great passion in traditional Malay dance. Students learn and perform a wide genre of Malay dance, appreciate different types of Malay music and think creatively through the dance and musical expression.

Malay Dance Club not only allows a dancer to display the gracefulness and beauty, it also instills discipline and builds up students’ confidence

The ML Dance Club has performed creditably well by achieving awards in all its participation in the SYF. In 2012 SYF Competition, our dancers put up a performance entitled Zapin Riang which showcases the various movements of Zapin. The colourful costumes, together with the myriad of Zapin brought glory to CHIJ OLN by clinching the Silver Award. 


Mdm Norfadilah Sufke
Mrs Jabar


May have additional practice sessions during SYF competition period.

Snapshots of CCA



SYF - Accomplishment

SYF - Accomplishment

SYF Central Judging 2012 – Silver Award
SYF Central Judging 2010 – Silver Award