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Catholic Programmes

Our Catholic Education (CE) Programme

The Catholic education programme at CHIJ OLN aims to instil a sense of God in our students. Through activities and programmes, we hope to deepen our students’ relationship with God and inspire them to serve their families, the community and especially the disadvantaged in a selfless and loving way.

Together Learning about Christ (TLC)

Catholic students and those who are interested, attend TLC lessons during selected Values Education lessons. Catholic teachers and parent volunteers customise lessons to cater to students of different levels, and incorporate hymn singing, storytelling and reflection. During these lessons, they learn more about Jesus and his mission and understand the significance of liturgical events throughout the year. The programme aims to encourage students to develop or experience a personal relationship with God.

Masses and Paraliturgies

Masses are celebrated at CHIJ OLN by invited priests on important occasions like our Founder’s Day and the start of the academic year. In addition, students participating in the TLC programme also attend masses termly and on days of obligations. Parents are invited to join us.

Paraliturgies are organised for all students to celebrate the liturgical events, such as Easter and school events, like Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving as well as before the End-of-the-Year examinations. All students are invited to celebrate and give thanks for the many blessings that God has showered upon them.



Prayer anchors our day and reminds us to give thanks for our blessings. Our students and staff participate in prayer before the start of school day as part of the daily flag-raising ceremony, after recess and at the end of the day.

In addition, Catholic students and teachers lead the school in the recitation of and meditation on the rosary in May and October, which are the months dedicated to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

Celebrating key events and seasons

We celebrate key points in our Catholic liturgical calendar like Easter and Christmas, and teach the children how to observe seasons like Lent appropriately.

Preparing for Easter
During Lent, all students take part in activities to learn about alms-giving, fasting and prayer. They also witness the symbolic act of the washing of the feet. Catholic students also participate in Lenten Penitential Services and the Stations of the Cross.
Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is scheduled for the Catholic girls during Lent, and made possible by the priests from the Serangoon District. Teachers shared with students how to prepare for this sacrament and questions would be provided to guide students in the examination of their conscience.

The Stations of the Cross is conducted during Lent for all students attending TLC. Students would be guided to reflect on each station and relate it to their daily lives.

Preparing for Christmas
While Christmas takes place during the school holidays, we share the Christmas story annually with the student body and put up a Christmas tree in the school lobby. Being an IJ school, we strive to tie in what we do with our mission, e.g. in 2019, the girls were invited to colour paper baubles and to write a note of appreciation for someone on it. These were then given to the recipients when we took down the tree.
Should you be interested to help with our Catholic education programme, do contact Mrs Teresa Low at  chijoln@moe.edu.sg

 Students and staff experience the washing of feet.
Students getting ready for Thanksgiving play.