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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Vision @ OLN

To Strengthen and Deepen ICT integration in curriculum and pedagogy

Key Programmes

The following ICT tools are infused in lessons pedagogically:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
All pupils have two LMS accounts and the portals are used by teachers as platforms to conduct home-based learning and assign tasks to pupils to ensure learning takes place beyond the confines of the classroom.

For EL & MT, pupils access MCOnline.
To log in to the portal, please click on the following link: http://www.mconline.sg
Login ID: CHIJOLNXXXXXX (Where XXXXXX refers to the last 5 digits of the child’s birth certificate number and the letter)
School ID: CHIJOLN Password: xxxxxxxx        

  • Touch Typing Touch
Typing is made available to all P1 & P2 pupils only. The objective of this programme is to inculcate appropriate touch typing techniques in our pupils to help them acquire speed and accuracy in typing.

To access this programme, pupils will log into this URL website: http://www.mindclickonline.com
Login ID: CHIJOLN2016
Password: xxxxxxxx

  • Collaborative Writing
The EL and MT departments leverage on collaborative tools (such as Google Documents, Padlets) to facilitate writing in the classrooms.

  • Interactive WhiteBoards
Interactive WhiteBoards (IWB) have been used by the Mathematics department since 2008. The IWB is used as a tool in the teaching of Mathematics, coupled with the Mult-e-Toolbox software to bring about interactive and engaged learning.

  • Dataloggers

Mobile dataloggers are hand-held devices used in the teaching of Science to facilitate learning outside the classrooms. Pupils can use them to record data such as recording the temperature of water while they are in the eco-garden.

  • Digital Art
All Primary 1, Primary 4 and Primary 6 pupils are exposed to Digital Art, where they learn to draw using tools in Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition, Primary 6 pupils use Adobe Premium in their Art lessons.

  • Garage Band
All Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils use Garage Band during their Music lessons to compose a piece of music.