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29th YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards

Pesa group photo.png
The YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) is an annual event organised by YMCA of Singapore, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Speak Good English Movement. In this competition, participants are judged on their ability to convey a convincing message to the audience with sincerity, clarity and in appropriate language.  

Kayla Maree Humphries of Primary 3 Faith and Rebecca Tan Hui Juan of Primary 5 Joy represented the school in the Lower Primary and Upper Primary Categories respectively. They both did the school proud. 
Rebecca Tan Hui Juan came in 2nd in the competition. 

Kayla Maree Humphries progressed to the semi-finals and was awarded the Honour Roll. The Honour Roll is awarded to participants who achieved a total ranking score of below 20 points during the preliminary rounds and/or semi-finals.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Kayla. Well done girls!

Click video to watch.

14th National Primary Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships 2015

Bowling Group photo.png
Our Junior and Senior teams at the 14th National Primary Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships 2015. Julitta Jannanii Joshua (6 Joy) from our Senior team came in 5th in the All Events category. She qualified for the Masters Event and came in 10th position. 

The Youth Celebrate!

The Youth Celebrate! event was held at the Singapore Sports Hub on the 26 July 2015. Chee Suet Min Cherrel from 4Truth represented the school in being part of the record-setting feats of the most number of laps swum in an hour as well as forming the largest floating Singapore Flag.

This event was held at the OCBC Aquatic Centre, together with 500 swimmers from schools across Singapore.

Well done Cherrel!
Cherrel 4T.png

National Primary Schools Netball Championships 2015

It was a historic moment for CHIJ OLN as our P5 Netball School Team emerged as the NATIONAL CHAMPION defeating Fengshan Primary School 26-20 in the Grand Final. Our P6 Netball School Team improved on their last year’s position and won their 3rd/4th placing playoff match against CHIJ Kellock with a score of 25-13. 

Well done girls!

P5 Netball School Team (1st Position)

Top Row (from left)
Peggy Chong, Vanessa Cheng, Kaylene Khoo, Erin Lim, Claudia Lim, Faith Chua,
Tan Eng Shuen, Gaby Tan, Gwyneth Lok
Bottom Row (from left)
Joelle Lim, Janae Kwan, Charlene Tan, Yzza Parro, Tan Yu Xuan, Chloe Chew, Chloe Chow

P6 Netball School Team (3rd Position)

(from left)
Eliza Teng, Sophia Yvonne, Dessy Harry, Keshia, Annabelle Lee, Samantha Lai, Laura Yeong,
Marianne Yeo, Alycia Lee, Jolyn Sim, Geri Ng, Celest So

Primary 5 Camp 2015

Omega Challenge (27-29 April 2015)

This year’s camp theme is “Omega Challenge”. We hope that through this camp, the girls will be inspired to reflect on their leadership potential, are resilient in the face of challenges and will be instilled with a fervent desire to excel in everything they undertake. Here are the recipients of the ‘Best Camper Awards’.

Kwan Yong Xi Janae
(5 Faith)
Seow Jing Wen, Joann
(5 Faith)
Cheng Mun Yun Valerie
(5 Grace)
Thadea Ellen Goh Yinn Hwee
(5 Grace)
Erin Lim Zhi Yu
(5 Hope)
Yuki Chew Min Er
(5 Hope)
Cadence Lee Sze Chien
(5 Joy)
Pakko Yzza Marie Parawan
(5 Joy)
Claudia Ng Hui Lin
(5 Love)
Kristen Tasha Anthony
(5 Love)
Shyenne Victoria Goh
(5 Peace)
Takatsuka Kiara
(5 Truth)

5 Truth
(Best Class Award 1st)

5 Faith
(Best Class Award 2nd )

5 Joy
(Best Class Award 3rd)

South Zone Primary Schools Netball Championships 2015

At the recent South Zone Primary Schools Netball Championships 2015, both our P5 and P6 netball teams achieved 2 nd position. Both teams will now represent the zone to vie for the Nationals in July.

Well done, girls!
Pic1.jpg P5 Netball School Team (2nd Position)
Bottom Row (from left) –Gaby Tan, Tan Eng Shuen, Yzza Parro, Janae Kwan, Erin Lim, Faith Chua, Peggy Chong, Chloe Chew Top Row (from left) – Chloe Chow, Charlene Tan, Valerie Cheng, Claudia Ng, Joelle Lim, Tan Yu Xuan, Kaylene Khoo, Gwyneth Lok

Pic2.jpg P6 Netball School Team (2nd Position)
Bottom Row (from left) – Keshia, Annabelle Lim, Laura Yeong, Marianne Yeo, Alycia Lim Top Row (from left) – Eliza Teng, Sophia Yvonne, Dessy Harry, Jolyn Sim, Geri Ng, Samantha Lai, Celest So

Blaze Netball Carnival 2015

4th Position (Junior Division)

At the recent invitation-only Blaze Netball Carnival (a mini-tournament consisting of schools that have done well in last year’s national championship), our P5 Netball School Team achieved a credible 4th position.  Well done, girls!

(From left to right) : Faith Chua, Tan Eng Shuen, Kaylene Khoo, Tan Yu Xuan, Charlene Tan, Yzza Parro, 
Erin Lim,  Joelle Lim, Gwyneth Lok, Janae Kwan, Claudia Lim and Valerie Cheng

Puan Noor Aishah Gold & Silver Award

CHIJ OLN is pleased to announce that our Brownies have been awarded a Puan Noor Aishah Gold & Silver Award for the year 2014.
In addition to that, 4 Brownies have been awarded the highest award conferred to Brownies – the Chief Commissioner’s Award.

Brownies Chief Commers 2015.jpg
20150425 BC Award.jpg

The recipients of the award are:
  1. Rio Sophia Beatrice Morada (6F)
  2. Tay Yi Zhen Dilys (6G)
  3. Jenelle Chung Jing Lin (5F)
  4. Raphaella Renanthera Gautama (5F)

After a gruelling 4 months of intensive research and test preparation that began in 2014, these Brownies persevered and emerged stronger. The series of challenges that they faced included preparing a scrapbook of personal reflections on Girl Guiding History in Singapore, participating in a community outreach programme and holding individual presentations in front of a judging panel to showcase their knowledge of Singapore and her Girl Guiding history.

On 23 May 2015, the Brownies took part in the National Brownie Challenge, where our Brownie packs took part in various activities ranging from sports to arts. We are thrilled to announce that our unit achieved 1st in the Quiz on GGS & Singapore.

A hearty congratulations to all the Brownies!

P6 Netball Carnival

Our school’s netball Senior Girls’ Team took part in the P6 Netball Carnival organised by the Singapore Sports School Netball Academy on the 7 February 2015. The girls achieved a credible 3rd placing, out of the 14 teams that took part in the competition. Kudos to the girls!

P6 NB Carnival 2015.jpg

Alycia Lee (Captain)
6 Grace
6 Faith
6 Faith
6 Faith
6 Faith 
6 Grace
Geri Ng
6 Joy 
Samantha Lai (Vice-Captain)
6 Faith
6 Hope
6 Hope
Dessy Harry
6 Hope
6 Hope
6 Truth