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30th YMCA Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) 2016

The YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) was started in 1986 by Metropolitan YMCA of Singapore. Subsequently, the decision by the Ministry of Education to initiate a national public speaking competition led to today's annual national PESA competitions with the primary aim of promoting the effective and articulate use of plain yet attractive spoken English among students in Singapore. The English Department is proud to share that Christie Callia Sardjono of 5 Faith clinched the title of Upper Primary Champion in this year's competition and Veralyn Teo Swee Suan from 3 Grace earned a spot in the Honour Roll. Well done and congratulations, Christie and Veralyn!

winners at the Award Ceremony.jpg
Ms Saw and Mrs Lorraine Lim with the winners at the Award Ceremony
Lower Primary Category.jpg
Veralyn Teo Swee Suan, 3 Grace, Roll of Honour for Lower Primary Category
Upper Primary Category.jpg
Christie Callia Sardjono, 5 Faith,  Champion for Upper Primary Category

South Zone Primary Schools Netball Championships 2016

At the recent South Zone Primary Schools Netball Championships 2015, both our P5 and P6 netball teams emerged Champions. This is the first time since we have been re-zoned to the South that we have achieved the double. Both teams will now represent the zone to vie for the Nationals in July.

Combined 56.jpg

P6 Netball School Team (Champions)
P6 Group.jpg
Bottom Row (from left)
Gaby Tan, Chloe Chow, Yzza Parro, Janae Kwan, Chloe Chew, Tan Yu Xuan, Erin Lim
Top Row (from left)
Peggy Chong, Gwyneth Lok, Tan Eng Shuen, Charlene Tan, Faith Chua, Kaylene Khoo, Kaylene Khoo, Claudia Ng, Valerie Cheng, Joelle Lim

P5 Netball School Team (Champions)
P5 Group.jpg

Bottom Row (from left)
Lum Lemin, Yasmin Iman, Deleah Tan, Tan Yen Leng, Tricia Lim, Jasmine Flores, Charlotte Lee
Middle Row (from left)
Ashley Chua, Ariel Thexeira, Jeanette Hoon, Chloe Tan, Chiara Bonanomi, Nur Sarrah
Top Row (from left)
Meagan Tan, Kristen Goh, Sun Jia Yue

Primary 5 Camp - Omega Challenge2016

This year’s camp theme is “Omega Challenge”. We hope that through this camp, the girls will be inspired to reflect on their leadership potential, are resilient in the face of challenges and will be instilled with a fervent desire to excel in everything they undertake. Here are the recipients of the ‘Best Camper Awards’.

Charlotte Megan Lee (5 Faith)
Sun Jia Yue (5 Faith)
Jasmine Flores  (5 Grace)
Tricia Lim (5 Grace)
Desiree Goh 
(5 Hope)
Jamie Leong 
5 Hope)
(5 Joy)
(5 Joy)
Lakshaya (5 Love)
Seraphina (5 Love)
Herlynn (5 Peace)
Thea (5 Peace)
Dheea Harry (5 Truth)
(5 Truth)

5P- Best.png
5 Peace 
(Best Class Award 1st)

5F- Best.png
5 Grace  
(Best Class Award 2nd )

5T- Best.png

5H- Best.png
5 Truth and 5 Hope 
(Best Class Award 3rd)