Celebrating 60th Anniversary
Project Dream
Project Dream is about providing a more holistic education for our students ...
Parents in Education
Working hand-in-hand with schools will help you better understand the needs and development of your child, so that you may give him/her the necessary family care, support and reinforcement at home.
Sexuality Education
Sexuality Education (SEd) in schools is about enabling students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature.


60 Poems Project
The 60 Poems Project is a collection of poems written by our very own pupils as we commemorate CHIJ OLN's 60th anniversary. Through their voices, you will be taken on a journey through primary school life in CHIJ OLN
Parent-Child Bonding Workshop
Join us for a hands-on workshop where one of our parents will be teaching you how to create a charaben. Sign up now for a fun-filled 2-hour bonding session with your daughter and take home your very own charaben set (consisting of one kid’s portion princess meal and a butterfly snack)!
The Caring Teacher Awards 2018
The Caring Teacher Awards is a biennial event that pays tribute to teachers who show care and concern for the holistic development of their students, and go the extra mile to ensure their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners.
Mosquito Prevention Measures
The building contractor (Hock Guan Cheong Ltd) has an in-house vector team (comprising the project manager, site manager and workplace safety & health officers) to prevent mosquito breeding at the construction site.
Notification of Absence from School to Teachers
Dear Parents, To submit your child's absence click here to see how you can via our online form.
SCHOOLBAG - The Education News Site
Schoolbag.sg is an online publication by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. We provide parents, educators and the general public with education news, school features and tips.
Technical Help for School Messaging System
If you encounter technical issues, you can send an email to services@tok-tok.me with your child's school, name, class, mobile number and smartphone device model.

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