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Virtual Map of OLN

Welcome to the virtual map of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
We hope that you will explore this map to its fullest extend as it covers (1) Places of heritage along with (2) Places of significant interest to our nation.

Places of heritage include:
(a) Our Lady of the Nativity Church
(b) CHIJ Schools
(c) Monfort Schools

Places of significant interests to our nation include:
(a) Sports facilities
(b) AWWA
(c) Lorong Buangkok

legend Icon.jpgClick to expand legend.

The legend on the left highlights the various areas of interest that you will see, where each symbol represents the various places. For example, the numerous blue house icons denote the CHIJ schools around Singapore.

By clicking on the various symbols on the map, a brief write-up along with an image will appear. Based on where you are located, the map will provide travel directions to the place of interest.

Have fun bonding with your family!