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Home-Based Learning

Google Meet Sessions

Exclamation-mark-1-animated.gif Important Notes for Parents
  1. Students are expected to be present during the Google Meet sessions.  
  2. No recording of the lesson is permissible as this infringes both copyright and privacy issues.  
  3. Legal action and disciplinary action may be taken if the lessons are recorded without knowledge of the teacher.  
  4. Students who are not able to be present at the stipulated Google Meet sessions, are to inform their Subject Teacher, who will then see to the necessary follow-up.

Guide For Students/Parents 

Students are required to complete the assignments via the various e-learning platforms as part of their learning. 
Information on full Home-Based Learning (HBL) and guides for accessing the various e-learning platforms:
Information and Guides
Parent Kit - Back to School (2 Jun 2020)Guide to SLS Account Management 
 OLN HBL Information for Parents  Google Meet - Guide for Students 
 OLN HBL Slides for Pupils
MOE HBL Resource Kit for Parents (Part 1)  
MOE HBL Resource Kit for Parents (Part 2) 
MOE HBL Resource Kit for Parents (Part 3)  
Keep CALM and Carry On Parenting Resource Kit  

Home-Based Learning Task Sheets for P1 - P5 (3 Aug 2020)

ClassPri 1 Pri 2 Pri 3 Pri 4Pri 5

Banded Classes
for Mother Tongue

Pri 2

Pri 3

Pri 4

Pri 5
Hope 2H3H4H 5H
 Malay Lang.MLMLMLML
 Tamil Lang.TLTLTLTL