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Principal's Message

2020 and 2021 have been extremely challenging years and as I reflect on them, our school themes come to mind. We definitely were “strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9) in 2020 and gave thanks for our IJ community and our many blessings in 2021 (Psalm 9:1) as we endured COVID and continued to work with parents and the IJ community to grow our girls over these two years. 

We give thanks to God for his blessings and his guidance. We also give thanks to parents and students who partnered us and worked with us to keep everyone learning and keep everyone safe. We are indeed very grateful to all.

Our goal as always is to help our girls be the ‘Girls of Today for Tomorrow’. Already today, it is increasingly clear that it would definitely be inadequate to graduate with just good grades. What more Tomorrow? This is something which CHIJ schools have always believed. Beyond grades, our girls must be women of character and strength. They must also be ladies who are focused not only on self but on others as well. As one of the IJ OLN songs go, being an IJ girl is about “Making a difference To everything around me And to everyone”. 

Our curriculum is planned with that in mind – to grow the women of tomorrow who will be the difference to their community and a blessing to all. 

To that end, we plan for our girls to learn through discussions, technology, collaboration and above all in a positive environment for learning. Two key programmes that show the kind of learning that our girls benefit from are the use of rubrics in our classroom lessons and the PAL/OLN360 programmes that our P1-6s experience. In all subjects, teachers plan lessons encouraging reflection by our girls to assess their own learning and to help them bridge gaps. At P1 & P2, PAL lessons encourage curiosity, collaboration and communication via various modules including drama and sports. At P3 – P6, participation in OLN360 grows each girl holistically through each of the 4 modules – Have A Heart, Ready, Steady Go!, #ThinkER and Pockets of Joy. Together, the PAL and OLN360 programmes presents children with a wide range of activities to apply learning beyond the classroom and to strengthen the GRACIA values and Learning Dispositions in each child. 

School life has definitely changed with the onset of COVID-19, and it looks like some of the changes might be around for some time yet to come. However, what has not changed is the CHIJ emphasis on a holistic education and the effort put in to make learning as engaging and memorable as possible. What too has not changed is the CHIJ emphasis on ensuring that our girls leave school not only with the academic learning required to thrive in the secondary school but also the character and values to be a blessing to others. 

Thank you, parents, for partnering CHIJ OLN to ensure that your IJ girl is the difference and a blessing. 

God bless,
Ms Christina Teo