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Principal's Message

As we reflect on the extremely challenging year that has passed, and look forward to the new year, I would sincerely like to thank all parents and students for being with us and working with us to keep everyone learning and keep everyone safe. We are indeed very grateful for your support.

We are definitely looking forward to 2021. While COVID-19 is still very much part of our reality, we are looking forward to working with you to educate your girls in Phase 3. There is much that we are planning to ensure that our girls grow in values, dispositions and knowledge to be the Girls of Today for Tomorrow as stated in our vision.

Classroom lessons will remain to be enriched by discussions, technology, collaboration and above all a positive environment for learning. Programmes and activities will continue to be planned to engage the girls in learning. One programme our girls definitely enjoyed in 2020 was the OLN360. Every one of the 4 modules – Have A Heart, Ready, Steady Go!, #ThinkER and Pockets of Joy - was definitely a hit, and we look forward to enhancing and differentiating it for 2021. Another programme our girls always enjoy is our CCAs where the children get to pursue their interests be it with the Brownies or in the sports or with the dances. We also intend to bring back Learning Journeys and camps. We know our girls have missed them much in 2020. They will not be quite the same as in 2019 and previous years, but we will strive to make them as engaging and memorable as possible given that COVID-19 is still very much around.

Safety is very much on our mind as we start 2021. We will still abide by the Safe Management Measures (SMM) not just to keep ourselves safe but also to ensure that all of us keep the larger community safe. After all, in an IJ school, our girls are always taught to care for others. To that end, we will continue to emphasise to our students that they must

a.    practise good personal hygiene, e.g. wash their hands regularly
b.    be socially responsibile, e.g. wipe down of common items after use, wear their masks, not come to school if unwell or if any household member is unwell with flu-like symptoms; and
c.    observe safe distancing measures at all times both in and out of school e.g. while on the bus.

Do help us to reinforce these messages too.

So while COVID-19 is a factor to contend with, my colleagues and I believe that with some creativity and tweaks, we should still be able to provide our girls with an exciting and holistic learning programme. We believe that the primary school provides an important base upon which secondary and tertiary education build, and as we prepare our girls to be the Girls of Today for Tomorrow, we want to send them into their future with sweet memories of their days at CHIJ OLN, learning and playing, caring and growing.

My colleagues and I look forward to partnering you in 2021 to grow your daughter into the teen that God intends her to, and we wish you a safe and happy new year.

God bless,
Ms Christina Teo