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English Language



Vision: “Lit. for Life”

The EL Department’s vision is “Lit. for Life”. The word “Lit.” represents Literacy, Literature and the notion of being “lit”; that is having one’s horizons broadened through engaging and enriching lessons.

Key Programmes

Enhanced STELLAR (Lower Primary)

Enhanced STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) is part of our lower primary English curriculum. Customising STELLAR to meet the unique needs of our pupils, enhanced STELLAR at CHIJ OLN sees a sharper focus on 21st century competencies to enable our students to communicate effectively and confidently in the globalised world. Students are provided with opportunities to express themselves in an environment where language learning is enjoyable and purposeful. Through the reading of engaging stories in class, students get to speak extensively, discussing and sharing their views with the teacher and their peers. Consequently, students’ confidence in speech and writing is built, and language learning is enhanced.

REAL (Rich, Enduring and Active Learning) (Upper Primary)

REAL is a TLLM curriculum innovation unique to our school. It is an English enrichment platform for pupils. REAL sparks a love for language with authentic, rich texts that create language-rich environments and enables pupils to appreciate language and issues beyond the classroom. There is also promotion of extensive reading to help pupils sharpen reading comprehension and narrative writing capabilities, and provision of discussion platforms to hone oracy. REAL sees engagement with Literature and in the process, develops critical thinking in pupils. In recent years, REAL has seen the infusion of film as part of active and multimodal learning. In the long run, REAL will infuse P4C (Philosophy for Children) as a pedagogical tool to develop creative and critical thinking along with effective communication skills – skills that are essential to the 21st century

Key Programmes Speech and Drama (Primary 1 and 2) 

Readers theatre.jpg
Speech and Drama   Readers’ Theatre

STAR Reading (SR) & Accelerated Reader (AR)

If you wish to check the book level of a book, you may find it at www.arbookfind.com

To promote a reading culture and inculcate in pupils the love for reading, OLN is embarking on the STAR Reading (SR) & Accelerated Reader (AR) Programme for Primary 1 and 2 pupils. It is a reading programme that aims to empower pupils to become better readers independently.

STAR Reading Diagnostic Tool (For ALL P1 & P2 Pupils)
  • This is a computer adaptive test which determines the reading ability of pupils. It will be repeated several times within the year to monitor the development of students’ literacy skills.
  • With their reading ability in mind, pupils can select books from the school or public library that are within their reading range, so as to read them with understanding and without frustration.

Accelerated Reader (AR) Programme (For P2 Pupils only)
  • By tapping on a web-based reading management system, the AR programme encourages pupils to read more whilst increasing the level of books read. 
  • After reading a book within their reading range, pupils can check their comprehension of the text by completing a corresponding quiz online. 
  • An AR Book Finder tool is available for pupils’ use to aid them in identifying the book readability level as well as the corresponding quizzes that are available. 
  • The web-based reading management system also includes an incentive scheme which recognises and rewards pupils as they make progress in their reading endeavours.

Stretch Opportunities

Stretch opportunities beyond the curriculum are afforded in the following opportunities – The Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition, the Plain English Speaking Award (PESA) and our Elective Speech and Drama Enrichment programme which culminates in a certification from Trinity Guildhall.