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Young Scientists Club

Description of CCA

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Have you wondered how scientific principles are used in real life?

Young Scientist's Club seeks to provide opportunities for pupils to discover ad pursue their interest in Science learning through Scientific Inquiry. YSC also seeks to enable pupils to be inspired and inspire others beyond the classroom as they carry out scientific investigations and research before presenting their learning to others.

As part of our CCA program, we are adopting the Young Scientist Badge scheme, to expose our pupils to the various disciplines of Science such as Young Zoologist, Young Entomologist, Young Ecologist, Young Botanist etc.

We will also be embarking on Learning Journeys to Science Centre, Botanic Gardens and the nearby Punggol Park to bring about authentic learning and to offer platforms for hands-on activities.

Club Motto: Yearn to learn. Seek to discover. Create to inspire.


Mdm Nadia
Mrs Sim Yingru
Mdm Eaine Siaw
Ms Amanda Wong

Schedule / Venue

CCA Day/s

3.30pm - 5.30pm

Science Lab
Computer Lab 3

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Sony Creative Science Awards (Merit Award)