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Description of CCA

Brownies is part of the Guiding Movement (Girl Guides Singapore). Guiding is a global educational youth movement.  

The CCA aims to provide girls with the opportunity for self-training in the development of character, in the realisation of responsible global citizenship and promotion of service to the community. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities will help to develop the girls physically, mentally and socially.


Ms Mun Li Ting
Ms Dione Chen
Mdm Bao Hong
Mdm Shameema
Ms Ng Hui Qi

Schedule / Venue


3.30pm - 5.30pm

P1 Classsrooms / Eco Garden

Programme Highlights

World Thinking Day Celebration

Every year, Girl Guides and Brownies from all over Singapore come together to commemorate the founding of the World Guiding Movement. There is a special theme every year, many wonderful performances and interesting songs are sung during the celebration.

Brownies Cookies Project

The Brownies Cookies Project is one of the biggest fund raising projects for Girl Guides Singapore. The Brownies designed attractive posters and order forms to promote the sales during recess time to all OLN pupils and teachers.

National Day March-in Ceremony

Brownies kick start the school’s national day celebration with a smart march-in ceremony. On this day, the Brownies don their uniforms and lead the school in commemorating the nation’s birthday.

Brownies Training Camp

They learned many new skills like pitching tents, basic first aid and cooking outdoors. The training camp helps to strengthen bonds between Brownies, and at the same time develop leadership skills in the Brownies.

We warmly welcome girls who are adventurous, enthusiastic, enjoy helping others, and have interest in singing, craftwork and games!

Snapshots of CCA



Chief Commissioners Award
Puan Noor Aishah Awards - 2 Golds (1st & 2nd Pack)

Chief Commissioners Award - 8 Awardees
Puan Noor Aishah Awards - 2 Golds (1st & 2nd Pack)

Chief Commissioners Award - 4 Awardees
Puan Noor Aishah Awards - 2 Golds (1st & 2nd Pack)

  • Puan Aishah Award – Silver 
  • Chief Commissioners’ Badge Award – 5 awardees 
  • Interunit Games Day, Build-a-House – 3rd 
  • Interunit Games Day, Craft – 1st 
  • Interunit Games Day, Telematch – 1st 
  • GAT workshop – 2 Gold, 1 Silver 
  • GAT Art Design Competition (Women as ‘agents of change’) – 1st