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Frequently Asked Questions

School Upgrading

·       Why does the school need to be upgraded?

·       What are the new facilities after the school upgrading?

·       When will the school upgrading end?

As recommended by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee, all primary schools should be equipped with new design norms such as redesigned classrooms, dance and performing arts studios, as well as an indoor sports hall. These facilities will support the delivery of a holistic education, enhance the teaching and learning experience during Physical Education (PE) and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), and also provide a more conducive learning environment for the students

When the upgrading is completed in early 2020, the school will have 2 additional 5-storey buildings to house the Indoor Sports Hall and new facilities such as learning laboratories, student care centre, outdoor learning stations.

School Programmes

·        What are some of the school’s key programmes?

·        What are the CCAs and enrichment programmes offered?

·        What are the school hours?

REAL (Rich, Enduring and Active Learning)

Through a customized English Language Programme, REAL (Rich, Enduring and Active Learning) programme, the school makes use of literature texts during lessons to help our students learn grammar and extended their vocabulary within authentic contexts as well as improved their skills in applying plot structure and character development in their written work.

Mathematics in Modules Programme (M2P)

The Mathematics department adopted a modular approach to deliver the P5 and P6 Maths curriculum whereby similar topics covered in both P5 and P6 were restructured and taught as modules so that students could make connections when acquiring mathematical skills and concepts, and this strengthened their understanding of the topics.  This programme built on the spiral teaching of heuristics and problem-solving skills advocated by the MOE Mathematics syllabus.

Virtual3 [Virtual Trail, Virtual Learning, Virtual Collaboration] Science Trail

Together with the Office of Education Research, National Institute of Education, the Science department explored how ICT would be better integrated into the Science curriculum while using the Science inquiry-based approach. Leveraging on mobile technology through iPads, our Primary 3 pupils embarked on a Science Trail at Gardens by the Bay, strengthening their understanding of the science concept of diversity and their pride in being Singaporean at one and the same time.

Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) @OLN

Guided by the revamped V-LIVE (Vision realized through Love, Internalization, Values-based education and Engagement of stakeholders) framework, the Values Education programme (V-Ed) was initiated in 2015. This programme helped students understand and adopt the G.R.A.C.I.A values progressively from P1 to P6, and was supported by a series of six teacher-designed G.R.A.C.I.A. STAR booklets and classroom resources. 

LLP (Learning for Life Programme): OLN SPARK (SPorts for Active and Resilient Kids)

OLN SPARK (SPorts for Active and Resilient Kids) provided opportunities for broad-based development across various sports as well as specialization in a specific sport, for all students via a 3-Tier Approach i.e. Tier 1 Exposure (Sports for All), Tier 2 Engagement (for identified students) and Tier 3 Excellence (for students who excel in CCA). This resulted in P2 students participating in modules focused on specific skills related to Netball, Floorball, Table Tennis and Bowling. P2 students were also assessed by the Coach and the PE teacher, and those with the aptitude were then invited to join the Netball, Floorball, Table Tennis or Bowling CCA in P3. 

The school provides a wide range of CCAs in the following domains:

Physical SportsUniformed GroupsVisual and Performing ArtsClubs and Societies
BowlingBrowniesBrass BandArt Club
Floorball Chinese DanceMedia Broadcasting and Photography Club
 Netball  Choir Tamil Society
Sports Club Malay Dance  Young Scientists' Club
 Table Tennis  Dance Inc. 

The official school hours for 2019 are as follows:

  • Monday – Tuesday      : 7.45am - 2.00pm
  • Wednesday – Friday    : 7.45am - 1.30pm

All pupils are expected to report to the hall daily by 7.40am. Assembly will begin promptly at 7.45am and pupils who are not with their class for assembly at 7.45am will be considered late.

Student Care

·          When will the Student Care Centre start operation?

·          Can I reserve a place to enrol my child in the Student Care Centre now?

CHIJ OLN is currently undergoing an upgrading programme and the target completion date is in end-2019. The upgrading project will provide us with enhanced and additional facilities including the rooms for a student care centre. We will then be able to appoint a vendor to run the student care centre. We anticipate beginning operations in June 2020, if not earlier that year. At the moment, we are not able to accept reservation for a place in the Student Care Centre but we will inform the parents of the registration process in due time.

P1 Registration Exercise

·            How many vacancies are available at CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity?

·            What are the registration dates and time?

·            How can I find out if I am staying within 1km or 2km of the school?

·            If I am an ex-girl of CHIJ Ponggol and my child is a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent     Resident, which phase do I fall under? Can I join the Alumni?

·            If I am a Roman Catholic and and my child is a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent     Resident, which phase do I fall under?

·            How can I apply to be a 40-hour parent volunteer?

·            Does your school have an Open House?

For more information on P1 Registration Exercise including registration details and number of vacancies available at each phase, you can refer to the MOE website:


You can refer to OneMap at https://www.onemap.sg to check the home-school distance category.

If you are an ex-girl of CHIJ Ponggol and my child is a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident, you can register your child under Phase 2A2. Currently, the school Alumni is inactive.

If you are a Roman Catholic and my child is a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident, you can register your child under Phase 2B.

You can download the application form and submit to the completed form to us at chijoln@moe.edu.sg . Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be notified to attend an interview as the school is unable to accept all applicants for 40-hour parent volunteer scheme.

Click here for application form

If you are keen to attend our open house register via the link - http://chijourladyofthenativity.moe.edu.sg/information-for-parents/p1-registration-exercise

Other Information

·       My child is in another primary school. Can I put my child on the wait list?

You can download the application form and submit to the completed form to us at chijoln@moe.edu.sg.

Click here for waiting list form