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Messaging System

Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is a new digital platform developed by Ministry of Education (MOE) and GovTech to bring greater convenience to parents to perform simple administrative transactions and to stay updated on schools’ programmes and activities. This enables parents to better support their child in their education journey through closer interactions and communications with schools. Parents will also be able to use this mobile application to stay updated on school’s programme and activities.

For assistance, you may
1. Download the Step-by-step onboarding guide here.
2. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Parents Gateway

Tok Tok! Messaging System

1. To enhance our communication with parents/guardians, our school has implemented a new mobile platform based application (app) named Tok-Tok!. You can download it for free from Google Play Store or iTunes so that you will not miss out any important announcement from the school.

2. FAQ on Tok-Tok! - Frequently Asked Questions

3. Contact details for technical support:  Email:
services@tok-tok.me or call 6222 9579

Instructions to Download & Install on your mobile phone.
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Step 2
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