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Parent Support Group


  • To create opportunities for parents to support their children’s learning.
  • To promote and strengthen school-home collaboration.
  • To help build a conducive and enriching learning environment for our pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to network.
  • To gain more understanding and support the school in events and activities.
       Please see here for more details of the Parent Support Group (PSG)
       If your daughter is currently studying in CHIJ OLN and you would like to register as a Parent Volunteer, please click here - Register as PV

Roles of Executive Committee

  • To strengthen working relationship between school and parents.
  • To assist the school in the organization and coordination of school events and activities.
  • To organise activities/workshops for parents.
  • To enlist the help of more parents to render their services to the school.

PSG EXCO Committee (2019-2020)

Chairman - Ms Mandy Chan
Vice-Chairman - Ms Geraldine Raj
Secretary - Ms Daphne Toh
Treasurer - Ms Adeline Yew (2019)
- Mdm Tan Poh Ling (2020)
Liaison for Recess - Ms Mandy Chan
Liaison for School Activities - Ms Cindy Sim
Liaison for School Events - Ms Geraldine Raj
Liaison for Recycling - Ms Gowthami K
Liaison for Catholic Activities - Ms Tania Heng
Liaison for Gate/Traffic - Ms V Subaa
Liaison for Dance - Ms Amrita
Members Mdm Tan Poh Ling, Mr Jeremy Ang, Ms Rani, Ms Linda Tan, Ms Ya Min Khaw, Ms Alina Ang, Ms Magdalene Chia, Ms Jamilah, Mr Kader Mohideen

The Parent Volunteer Service Award is presented annually to Parent Volunteers who have graduating daughters. These Parent Volunteers have contributed actively to the school in different areas and many ways. We would like to thank these important stakeholders for their dedicated service rendered over the years. 

PV Service Award 2018.jpg
Parent Volunteer Service Award Recipients of 2018
(L to R): Mdm Vanitha, Ms Caroline Undap, Ms Alina Ang, Ms Shirleen Chia and Ms Jaslyn Thia. Recipients who are not in the photograph: Ms Toh Li Ping, Ms Lynn Tan and Ms Jasmine Chang.