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Description of CCA

Floorball started as a CCA in 2005 and our members range from Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. Through this CCA, we aim to impart our school’s GRACIA values in our members. Termly reflection and CCA journals are part of the CCA programme. This will help in their social-emotional learning as they apply the GRACIA values during CCA and competitions.

Floorball members talent-scouted in P2; and selected students will be invited to join the Floorball CCA in P3. We also welcome other students who have interest in floorball and want to learn more about the sport.
Students are identified and selected for the School Team based on their physical and technical skills, fitness level and attitude.
Members are equipped with various drills and advanced floorball skills to prepare them for their national competitions held annually. They will be exposed to various friendly matches and competitions to further develop their skills physically and mentally.


Mr Muhammad Nazri
Mdm Aishah Bte Mahmod
Ms Illyani
Ms Edna Poh

Programme Highlights

National Schools Games Floorball Championship (NSG)

The Primary 6 school team will compete in NSG Championship in Term 1.
The Primary 5 school team will compete in NSG Championship in Term 3. 

Friendly Matches

Friendly matches against other primary schools will be arranged during the school holidays to boost competitive gameplay.

Holiday Training

Extra holiday training for school team members will be conducted during March, June, September and December holidays to ensure that our players are competition-ready for their respective national school games competition.


National Primary Schools Floorball Championships 2018
Participated – Senior and Junior Girls Division

National Primary Schools Floorball Championships 2017
(2nd Placing, Senior Girls Division)

National Floorball Championships 2016
(2nd Placing Junior Girls Division)

National Primary Schools Floorball Championship 2014 2nd Round
(Top 8 position, Senior Girls’ Team)

National Primary Schools Floorball Championship 2013 2nd Round
(Top 8 position, Junior Girls’ Team)
Flipsticks 2013 5-side Invitational Competition: 3rd position (Senior Girls ‘ Category)

Snapshots of CCA

floorball 2.jpg
floorball 4.jpg
 floorball 3.jpg floorball 5.jpg