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Art Club

Description of CCA

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Our Art Club consists of the P3 Art, Digital Art and Painting Art.

Our Art Club aims to nurture an interest in Art. This club allows our student artists with such shared interest to come together to create Art. They are exposed to the different media, such as acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, MS Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop etc.
All the different Art projects serve as a platform for our student artists to develop creativity and self-expression in their art-making process. Through such process, our student artists develop resilience, build character, cultivate a will to succeed and learn to appreciate, and sometimes work with fellow peers from different backgrounds to achieve shared goals.
Our student artists also enjoy the occasional Learning Journeys to the museums. This will increase their awareness of art around Singapore and the world.  Furthermore, such journeys allow them to gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in Art, which can transform into refreshing and artistic masterpieces for our SYF Art Exhibition.


Mdm Nur Safikha
Mdm Ilyana
Ms Wendy Wong

Programme Highlights

Singapore Youth Festival - Art Exhibition (Bi-Annual - Primary)
The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the diverse art talents of our youths, at Primary to Junior Colleges/Centralized Institutes. This Art and Craft Exhibition aims to provide opportunities for our students to showcase their artistic talents and to promote art appreciation in our schools. 
CHIJ OLN submits 3 artworks for the SYF Art Exhibition.  Our student artists work in teams of 6-10 to conceptualise and create an artwork.

Museum Learning Journey
Our ArtClubbers go on learning journeys at least twice a year to various museums in Singapore. Such journeys reinforce educational benefits beyond the classroom by adding depth to their understanding of the massive Art world.

ARTSpedition is an expedition into the Arts, presented by both the Art and Music departments. The expedition includes a trip to a play, musical or special museum exhibition at least once a year. Through such expedition, the students learn to appreciate the different kind of Arts, be it theatrical drama, communication skills, or inspiration from artists.

The P4-P6s and our ArtClubbers are usually invited to such expedition.
OLN Arts Avenue - Located @ Level 1
The Arts Avenue is a mini art gallery that showcases artworks primarily done by our ArtClubbers. As of 2019, the Arts Avenue was newly revamped to showcase installations inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian and Yayoi Kusama, titled "Obliterated Compositions".
Exposure to various Art Media
In the Painting Art Club, our ArtClubbers are exposed to different wet media, such as acrylic, watercolour and batik painting. On the other hand, our Digital Art Clubbers create artworks through MS PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. For the P3 Art, they are exposed to craft works and watercolor. Artworks created by our ArtClubbers are sometimes exhibited in the Arts Avenue or around the school. Do look out for them!


SYF Art Exhibition 2019
In 2019, the theme was “Artist and Citizenship”, highlighting the artist’s role in effecting change in society.

We are proud to announce that for the first time, all three categories attained CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION We are very proud of our 30 student artists who were involved in this process of art-making!

Category A, “Hands That Shape the Nation”, was done by the Primary 2 student artists. This is a mixed media masterpiece of plasticine and brochures of the different attractions of Singapore. The brochures were rolled up to create a collage of our Little Red Dot….Singapore.
Category B, “One United Singapore”, was created by the Primary 4 student artists. This masterpiece focused on the ethnicities in Singapore through the traditional costumes of each group – Chinese Cheongsam, Malay Kebaya and Indian Sari. Each costume was carefully collaged with the Singapore maps and unique embellishments, embracing how Singapore is united as One!

Category C, “Dauntless Dreams”, was accomplished by the Primary 6 student artists. Photography and Adobe Photoshop were combined to create this unique bi-centennial surreal masterpiece. If one were to examine it closely, the past, present and future of Singapore have been consolidated very beautifully and creatively into this daunting dreams of our student artists!

Congratulations once again to our 30 student artists for their achievements!

Snapshots of CCA

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