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Dance INC. International 2

Description of CCA

Dance Inc. 2 is a CCA which is meant for beginning dancers who lack the experience on stage.  Through this CCA, they are exposed to the fundamental skills and techniques of Modern Jazz movements and steps.   They also learn how to develop an appreciation for the aesthetics.

Through a comprehensive audition by the Kavanagh Inc. instructors, students with potentials will be shortlisted and channeled to Dance Inc. 1 where they will be equipped with advance levels of Modern Jazz skills and will be prepared for National competitions and performances.


Mdm Mary Archana
Mdm Stephanie Wu


May have additional practice sessions during SYF competition period.

Snapshots of CCA

Dance Inc 2 CCA Snapshots.png



International Dance Category
Primary School Level Distinction

In June 2013, students participated in the school musical Anastasia which received favourable feedback from parents and guests.