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Enrichment Activities

The school has a range of short activities that allow a child to explore her interests. These include
  1. Talks & activities held before morning assembly, e.g. talks by NLB to promote reading, performances, Science snippets. The purpose of this is to enrich student learning in a way that they find enjoyable and to link their learning to current issues.
  2. Programmes designed for specific purposes, e.g. the Back To School programme that builds a child’s socio-emotional competencies as they come back for a brand new school year, and the P6 Post-Exam programme  which reinforces the school’s character development programme and strengthens their social emotional competencies as they prepare to transit to a secondary school
  3. Activities held during recess, e.g.  Science WeekAeroDynamicBio.png
  4. Activities held after school e.g. MakerSpace