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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is a recommendation by the 2009 Primary Education Review Implementation (PERI) Committee to provide greater emphasis on non-academic programmes for all Primary 1 and 2 students. PAL is part of the curriculum and offered during time-tabled time. In PAL, students are exposed to varied and fun learning experiences in four domains: Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. Students also learn socio-emotional competencies such as respecting others and responsible decision making. PAL nurtures confidence, curiosity and cooperation skills in students.

Implementing PAL@OLN

In our school, the 4 domains are experienced as follows in different semesters:

Primary 1 Visual Arts and Dance Speech and Drama
Primary 2 Sports and Games Outdoor Education

Primary 1 Sports and Games – Tuesdays
Primary 1 Visual Arts – Twice a week
Primary 2 Performing Arts – Mondays or Tuesdays
Primary 2 Outdoor Education – Wednesdays or Thursdays
The modules are taught by professional Instructors and/or Specialised Teachers in the subject. Student's progress is documented through checklists, rubrics and reflections by their teachers and instructors. This year, students keep an individual portfolio of their PAL journey for the different domains.
Each level goes through 2 domains, with a different module in each semester:

Primary 1
1 Charity
1 Faith
1 Grace
1 Hope
1 Joy
1 Love
1 Peace
1 Truth
10 Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts Visual Arts 15 weeks
20 Sports & Games Sports & Games Sports & Games Sports & Games 15 weeks


Primary 2
2 Charity
2 Faith
2 Grace
2 Hope
2 Joy
2 Love
2 Peace
2 Truth
10 Outdoor Education Outdoor Education Performing Arts Performing Arts 15 weeks
20 Performing Arts Performing Arts Outdoor Education Outdoor Education 15 weeks