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Every student to reach their fullest artistic potential and appreciate the arts.


Arts Education is carried out in the formal curriculum through the Visual Art and Music Instructional Programmes, Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and various Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). Through these programmes, every student will LEAP : 
Learn about various art forms and techniques; 
Express themselves through different aesthetic platforms; 
Appreciate different art forms; and 
Perform to the best of their ability. 

The OLN Aesthetics Framework structured the cognitive, psychomotor and affective development of our students under four behavioural domains : Learning, Expressing, Appreciating and Performing in order to develop creative, cultured citizens. This is very much in line with the school vision to develop girls of today for tomorrow. 

In Learning, teachers provide opportunities for students to explore art, music and dance elements and theory through various engaging activities.

In Expressing, teachers engage students through experiencing different art media and music genres and apply knowledge and skills in the creation of art, music and dance. 

In Appreciating, student learning is enriched through the exposure to different artists and composers.

In Performing, students are given opportunities to excel as they present the various art forms to an audience.

Art & Music Programme

Approach Visual Arts Music
Learn Art Elements & Design Principles Music Elements & Theory
Express Art Media Music Genre
Appreciate Artists & Art Movements Musicianship
Perform Art Presentation Music Presentation