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T&L Framework

Teaching & Learning @ IJ OLN

Conceptualised at the 2017 Staff Conference, the OLN Teaching & Learning Framework, ‘The Framework’ (Figure 1) serves as a blueprint as to how effective teaching and learning is achieved at IJ OLN. It encompasses the core beliefs that the IJ OLN family holds with regard to teaching and learning; that

     Every child is a gift from God

     Every child can learn and grow

These beliefs in turn inform curriculum implementation and instructional design. In addition, as a reference for professional practice, the Framework functions as a structure for focusing improvement efforts within professional development discourse. 

TnL Framework_Mar2020.png

Figure 1. The OLN Teaching and Learning Framework (‘The Framework’)

1. OLN Outcomes 

At the heart of teaching and learning at OLN are our OLN outcomes. The vision of ‘Girls of Today for Tomorrow’ envisions the IJ OLN Girl of Tomorrow as an individual who

1. Acts according to the IJ Mission and our GRACIA values

2. Leads with initiative, serves with love

3. Communicates confidently

4. Thinks creatively, reflects thoughtfully, and

5. Remains steadfast in the face of challenges

2. Understanding The Framework

Additionally, The Framework is built on a foundation of understanding mission, students & learning, teaching and subject matter & goals. 

It references the IJ Mission with its focus on social justice and service; with the added belief in the development of character of the students based on Christian values and principles.  

In understanding students & learning and in understanding teaching, our teachers are guided by the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) and Singapore Curriculum Philosophy , and developments within educational psychology that are gleaned by connecting with research and interactions with the wider teaching fraternity. 

Furthermore, subject syllabi, regular professional networking and development opportunities (identification of teachers for courses and workshops) ensure that understanding of subject matter and goals is current and see transference to the OLN classroom. 

3. SLS Pedagogical Scaffold with its focus on Active Learning, Deep Learning

The twin notions of active and deep learning feature centrally in The Framework, and is the aim of all learning experiences at IJ OLN. Through lessons incorporating active and deep learning, IJ OLN provides quality educational experiences to its students. 

Active learning processes are incorporated in lesson planning, lesson enactment, assessment and feedback using the SLS Pedagogical Scaffold  with which teachers challenge themselves to think and rethink classroom interactions, and design effective learning experiences (with or without technology integration) that lead to deep learning. 

4. Teaching Approaches

Across subject disciplines, teachers design experiences that see:

1) Learning Supported by Technology

2) (students) Learning Collaboratively

3) (students) Learning within a Positive Environment

4) Learning enriched by Feedback

These four teaching approaches are implemented on their own and in conjunction with one another.