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Living out the GRACIA Values

    As part of our efforts to reach out to the community in our neighbourhood, OLN hosted a group of 50 K2 students from the Nativity Church Kindergarten on 29 May. During the 2-hour programme, our students from the Young Scientist Club practiced the school’s GRACIA values by teaching the K2 students how to buy a meal from the canteen, guiding them how to plant a seedling and doing craft work. As much as our K2 students enjoyed the short immersion experience, our own OLN students were enthused at being given this honour to serve and show sisterly love in action. We look forward to more opportunities to be a blessing to our community!

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Forging the Bonds of Friendship
Delightful Meal Time
Leading with Initiative
Never Too Young to Serve.jpg
Serving with Love.jpgSisterly Love in Action.jpg 
 Never Too Young to ServeServing with Love Sisterly Love in Action