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PSG Events 2016

PSG Networking

The PSG organised a Networking Day on 5 March for the Primary one and two pupils and their families. Everyone had a great time playing family games and dancing together. The event ended with a scrumptious buffet.


PSG Outing

The PSG had a fun-filled outing to Kinyan Argotech Farm and Qianhu Fish Farm on 12 November. Three full buses of OLN pupils with their siblings, parents and grandparents had a great day learning about wheatgrass, mushroom and cactus farming as well as fish rearing. The highlight of the day was the wheatgrass planting workshop which participants had a chance to plant their own wheatgrass to bring home. Every family left the farms happily with big bags of shopping at the end of the outing. Our appreciation to the PSG EXCO for organising the family bonding event.

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