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School Crest and Song

The School Crest


History of the Badge

This badge or crest was designed by Mother Saint Aloysia and the CHIJ senior students in 1894 in France incorporating into its concept and design, values and aspirations which they wished to be lived out in each CHIJ School. Their design is still proudly worn by thousands of CHIJ pupils in the 21st century. This badge is a symbol of the international unity binding together pupils from every continent, especially CHIJ pupils from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

The Significance of the Symbols

The Shield - RED symbolizes the all-embracing message of love.
  • On its right is the open gospel. This points to the source of inspiration which guides the whole school community. The silver rosary represents the story of the gospel as seen through the eyes of the Virgin Mary.
  • On its left is the distaff and spindle. These are symbols of womanly labour, typical of an earlier period, which reminds us of the dignity of work and the satisfaction and fulfillment to be found in a task well accomplished.
  • The cross which surmounts the crest serves as a reminder that the source of our inspiration, dedication and fidelity comes from Christ.
  • The shield is encircled by a garland of marguerites. These simple flowers are found by the wayside in France and are symbolic of the purity and simplicity which should characterise our relationships at every level.

School Motto

Simple Dans Ma Vertu, Forte Dans Mon Devoir (French Version)
Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty (English Version)

Simple in Virtue
This translates into the cultivation of a personal honesty that frees us to relate to others with respect, openness and sincerity, and to become disinterested seekers of truth, wisdom and all that is good. It is the core from which we operate.

Steadfast in Duty
This translates into the strength of character necessary to commit oneself to a goal. It embraces the capacity to rise above the difficulties and obstacles encountered in the execution and compilation of any task or duty undertaken in the service of others.

As a Catholic Mission School, the term "virtue" in its spiritual sense is a distinctive character trait or quality inspired and nurtured by a genuine desire to live according to God's will as revealed in the Gospel. The term "duty" expresses our response to what we discern to be God's call to us. Love is therefore the underpinning of a life lived faithfully in the pursuit of these ideals.

School Song

CHIJ is our school                                                               
In our hearts we hold you dear
And from your guidance seek and find
A future far beyond
In the years that are to be
We shall often think of thee
The marguerite and distaff bold
Emblems of our school motto
They our guide shall be
In all our future years
Simple in virtue, steadfast in duty
The motto of our school
Let's strive our best and honour her name

Pupil's Pledge

We, the pupils of CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, promise to be honest, caring and considerate. 
We will obey our school rules and uphold our motto: "Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty."