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Signature Programmes

Sisterly Love

In CHIJ OLN, we believe that every girl is a sister to another girl and sisters care for each other. We enable each student to grow by caring for one another and learning to depend on each other for companionship and support. This allows our girls to live out our GRACIA values, especially Graciousness and Responsibility! SisLove1.jpg
Our ‘Sisterly Love’ programme pairs older girls with the younger ones, and encourages participation in a series of events throughout the year that allow both girls to know each other better. Both older sister and younger sister benefit as they love each other, and build yet another relationship that supports them through primary school. In turn, the younger sister will grow to be an older sister and the sisterly love cycle begins all over again!


At the start of every school year, coming back is a big change for our girls. To welcome students to a new school year, students participate in a variety of activities over the first few days of school to build rapport with their new Form/Co-Form teachers and classmates. BTS1.jpg
In classrooms, teachers carry out interactive and fun ice-breaker activities to help the class get to know one another. Designing a classroom banner fosters a sense of unity and togetherness, and is an exhibition of the girls’ artistic talents. At the school level, engaging mass assembly programmes like mass dance, and music and art programmes, remind our girls that ‘school’ is not just learning about the 4 PSLE subjects, but about developing a love for learning through a holistic education.
Cross level interaction between older and younger girls is also important to foster a sense of school unity. Apart from the ‘Sisterly Love’ programme that kicks-off a year of senior-junior interactions, the older girls also participate in the CHIJ OLN Legacy Programme which allows them a chance to share their pearls of wisdom with the younger girls. Seniors talk about their school experiences, share tips on managing a new level, and answer questions from inquisitive juniors. While helpful for our younger girls, the older ones benefit by practicing their oratorical prowess in front of a rapt audience! BTS3.jpg