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Caring Teacher Award
Left to Right
Ms Charissa Chern, Mrs Sim Ying Ru, Mrs Vanessa Tan,
Mrs Lorraine Lim
(Not in Picture - Mrs Irene Goh)

Blue Ribbon Award
Left to Right
Mdm Elaine Siaw, Mrs Sim Ying Ru, Mdm Nadia

Mdm Nadia Zain, Mdm Elaine Siaw and Mrs Sim Yingru received the Blue Ribbon Award which seeks to recognise teachers who have guided and motivated their students in the Sony Creative Science Awards Competition. 

Innergy Award 2018
Innergy Award Bronze 2018.jpg
Left to Right
Ms Serene Ler, Mdm Lai Meiyu, Mr Ng Yee Hong

OSCA Team Award
TA - Aspire.jpg
Left to Right
Ms Cassie Yung, Ms Bai Huixin, Ms Wendy Woo

OSCA Team Award
Musically Yours

TA - Musically Yours.jpg
Right to Left
Ms Helen Tan, Mrs Emily Chew, Mrs Gan Pei Ying,
Ms Vivienne Lim (GOH)

OSCA Individual Award

IA - Emily.jpgIA - Mr Wong.jpgOsca Lorraine.jpg

Left to Right
Mrs Emily Chew, Mr Wong Sin Cheong, Mrs Lorraine Lim